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Did We See Angels?

My story is amazing even now for me to think about. My nine-year-old daughter and I were in bed reading books. She asked me what I was reading, and I told her that I was reading about angels. She mentioned that she would like to see an angel. I told her to ask an angel that you would like to see one and maybe they would let you. She got kind of nervous and said that she would be too scared. I explained that an angel would NEVER want to scare you and if they thought you'd be too scared they would not let you see them. They are pure love and are here to help and protect you. She thought about it for a second and changed her mind and said yes, I would like to see an angel. I smiled and felt so heart-warmed at her innocence.

When then proceeded to get ready for bed. I put my book down and she turned off the TV. As I looked at my daughter, I saw in my side vision sparkly white lights dancing around. I looked straight at it and saw nothing. I then looked back at my daughter and again saw the sparkling lights dancing around. She looked back at me with her eyes WIDE and mouth wide open. When I looked at her, I saw the lights to my right. She OBVIOUSLY saw SOMTHING. After a few minutes, it went away. We were so excited. I asked her what she saw and, of course, she was scared and wouldn't talk about it until morning. She saw the sparkling lights with a central round yellowish ball of light in the middle. I will always wonder, if she were not afraid... would more have happened?

By  Peter Fernandes

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