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    Galatians1.mp3  444kb 

   Galatians2.mp3  509kb

   Galatians3.mp3  585kb

   Galatians4.mp3  564kb

   Galatians5.mp3  453kb

   Galatians6.mp3  334kb


 The Book of Galatians


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          Galatians 1-6.m3u




     Ephesians1.mp3   641kb  

     Ephesians2.mp3   568kb  

     Ephesians3.mp3   517kb  

     Ephesians4.mp3   771kb  

     Ephesians5.mp3   737kb  

     Ephesians6.mp3   611kb 

The Book of Ephesians


 Ephesians  3mb

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Philippians1.mp3  608kb

Philippians2.mp3  565kb

Philippians3.mp3  495kb 

  Philippians4.mp3  466kb   


The Book of Philippians 



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       Philippians 1-4.m3u       




Colossians 1.mp3  668kb

Colossians 2.mp3  512kb

Colossians 3.mp3  478kb 

  Colossians 4.mp3  372kb   


 The Book of Colossians



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       Colossians 1-4.m3u       


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