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The seed is the word of God
Luke 8:11    


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 Windows Media Audio

 Matt 5 vs 3-10
The Beatitudes
   33kb   44kb
 Matt 6 vs 5-15
The Lord's Prayer
   65kb   89kb
 Matt 13 vs 44-50
Three Parables
   42kb    56kb
 Matt 15 vs 10-20
Out of the Heart
   59kb   79kb
 Matt 16 vs 13-17
The Great Confession
   32kb   41kb
 Luke 1 vs 26-56
The Announcement
  152kb  210kb
 Luke 2 vs 1-20
The Birth of Jesus
  108kb  149kb
 John 1 vs 1-18
The Word
   89kb  122kb
 John Chapter 3
For God so Loved
  152kb  277kb
 John 6 vs 35-40
The Bread of Life
   39kb    52kb
 John 7 vs 37-39
Living Water
   20kb      27kb
 Psalm 1
The Blessed Life
   43kb    46kb
 Psalm 23
My cup runs over
   43kb    46kb
 Psalm 91
The secret place
   91kb    99kb
 Psalm 103
Praise the Lord
  120kb   130kb
 Exodus 20
Ten Commandments
  102kb   111kb

More to come soon!

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