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Love on the Lake

About 12 years ago Carol and Larry were boating on Lake Havasu, near Las Vegas.  They had done this many times, but today Carol had started to feel weak.  The strange feeling persisted, and she eventually stood up and made her way over to her husband.  “I put my arms around him, explaining that I felt weak, and looked out over his shoulder,” she says.  “The hills around the lake—usually very brown and desolate at this time of year---appeared to be a beautiful bright green.  They were covered with people in various activities, walking, talking and picking flowers.  I seemed to be almost flying toward them and then I lost consciousness.”
The next thing that that Carol remembers is the sound of Larry’s voice, begging her not to die.  He was trying to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  At that moment Carol saw a boat pull up beside them, carrying three young people.  Strange that she hadn’t noticed any other boats on the lake shortly before her collapse.  And these people---they seemed almost…glowing!
A young woman came aboard, knelt down beside Carol and reached for her hand.  “I died,” Carol told the young woman.
“I know,” she replied.  She then looked up at Larry, who was fighting tears.  “I’ll stay with you until the rescue boat arrives,” she reassured him.
Rescue boat! Larry hadn’t put out an SOS yet!  But yes, there in the distance he could see another craft approaching.  Soon paramedics were on board too, and one started an IV.  The young woman continued to kneel next to Carol, even holding the IV bag, until the boat had reached the nearest dock.  A helicopter was waiting, and the young woman escorted Carol to it.  Patting her, she smiled.  “You will be all right now,” she assured Carol.  
Larry scrambled in alongside Carol as the helicopter lifted.  “Did you thank those wonderful people in the other boat?” Carol asked him.
He shook his head.  “They…they seemed to disappear,” he murmured.  “I didn’t see them leave, but when I turned around to thank them—right before I got in the helicopter---they were gone.”
Gone?  But where?  Carol knew she was foggy, but she distinctly remembered the feel of that little pat the young woman had given her.  “Did you ask the paramedics?” Carol persisted.
Again Larry shook his head.  “Carol…they said we were alone in the boat. That there wasn’t a second boat right beside us…” Larry had had enough mystery.  He took Carol’s hand and held on tight.
Carol was indeed all right, after she received the proper medication and treatment.  “I don’t know whether those three were angels,” Carol says today, “but I believe they were.  God works in mysterious ways, perhaps to teach all of us the lessons we need to know.”

By  Theresa

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