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Can children really see angels?

My friend Suzana was broken-hearted. She had done her best to raise her daughter Ericka, but in her teen age years Ericka became addicted on drugs and left home. While on drugs, Ericka became pregnant and had a baby boy. Ericka realized that she could not care for her baby and she asked her mother to take care of the baby boy until she became clean. Instead of kicking the habit, Ericka became more addicted and gave birth to a second baby, a girl. Once again, she implored her mother to care for her second child, with promises that this time she would become drug free and become a good mother. Despite her promises, Ericka disappeared and Suzana lost all contact with Ericka. Taking care of two grandchildren was not the way Suzana had planned to spend her midlife years, but she loved them dearly and never complained.

One morning four-year old David said, "Grandma, we have to find my baby brother."

Suzana replied, "David, you don't have a brother."

"Yes, I do," the child insisted. "An angel came and told me we have to find my baby brother."

Suzana thought David would soon forget his imaginary brother, but throughout the day David persisted. "It's not my imagination," he insisted. "The angel told me. We have to go find my brother."

"Could it be possible?" Suzana wondered. "Did David see an angel? Does he have a baby brother? Is it possible that Ericka had given birth to another child?"

Because her grandson was so insistent, Suzana decided to begin a search. Ericka had broken off all contacts with her and Suzana knew of no way to find her daughter. In desperation, she decided to call the maternity wards at local hospitals. There was no record of her daughter in any of the hospitals in the city where Suzana lived, but David would not relent. "We have to find my baby brother," he insisted. "Keep trying," he pleaded.

Next, Suzana tried the maternity ward of the hospital in the next town. Her daughter Ericka was there and had just given birth to a baby boy! Within an hour Suzana was by her side. The daughter was hostile. "Mom, how did you find me?" Ericka demanded. "How did you know I had given birth?"

She listened in amazement to the story: how an angel had come to her preschool son with the message that he had a baby brother and that he had to find him. Erica broke into tears. "Mom," she said, "After leaving you with two of my children, I was so embarrassed and ashamed when I became pregnant. That's why I didn't tell you about this baby."

Since she was still addicted to drugs, Ericka realized she could not care for the new baby. The last I have heard, Suzana was caring for her three grandchildren, Ericka was in rehab determined to become a good mother. David, now a big brother, was so proud he had found his little brother-- just like the angel had told him to do.


Are children more likely to see angels than adults?

Perhaps. There is no way to collect statistics. It may be that children are more innocent and open to spiritual experiences. Many adults become so immersed in the material world that they become unaware of God’s presence.

Do all children have angel experiences?

Jesus taught that angels are always present with children (Matthew 18:10). Most of the time angels are unseen and children are unaware of their ministry. While many children do share that an angel has been with them, the majority of children do not. It is interesting to note that children who do have angel experiences think it is normal to have one, and they take it for granted that it happens to every child.

We must be very careful to test “messages” that children report angels have given them. It is important to keep an open mind and realize that it is possible God can send messages to a child through an angel. But we must use discernment when we evaluate the message. It may reflect a child’s hopes, dreams, fears, or an inability to understand life. In some cases, it can be a symptom of mental or emotional problems. God will never give a child (or anyone) a message that contradicts the teachings of Bible scripture.

By  Martins

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