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I had the most amazing Angelic experience yesterday and wanted to share it with the people on here..I call yesterday my "spiritual awaking" day, though I have always been spiritual, yesterday was a definate cofirmation for me that Angels are REAL...if I ever had a slight doubt in my mind before, I don't have it anymore.
My friend went with me to check out an apartment. We walked in and both of us got a great feeling from the apartment. It was is across the street from the Jr. high which my 12 year old attends, close to my work and close to the grammer school that my other daughter attends, and it's got 4 bedrooms and a backyard, which is great, because where I live backyards are rare, not too mention 4 bedrooms are rare too.
As I was talking to the landlord, who is a very nice gentleman there was a knock on the window and it was another man. The landlord gestured for him to come on in. 2 men came walking through the door, they said they were just passing by the house and saw the for rent sign and wanted to check out the heart sank for a moment thinking.."oh great, they want this apartment too" and I said a quick prayer to my angels to make them leave, because in my heart I wanted this after I said my quick prayer, the landlord said.."if you want to stick around I'll talk to you after I'm done talking to this lady". One said.."no, we just wanted to check it out". and they left..I felt a sense of relief because in the end they weren't interested in wanting the apartment after all, they just wanted to check it out.
well, after they left, I walked into the living room and I happened to glance down and what I saw just gave me goosebumps up and down my spine 10 times over, on the floor was a single white feather. At first I thought, "ok, and Angel was here letting me know this was my apartment", but after I got home, I had been home an hour or so and I had a "drop to your knees moment"..I realized that those 2 men where the angels and they had come in human form just to make sure everything was ok, checking it out" and they are the ones who left there angelic calling sign (the feather) on the living room floor as if to say.."yes, we stopped by for you"...the reason I believe this is because when my friend and I first came in the door we entered the living room and the first thing I did was check out the conditions of the flooring and there was NOTHING on that floor!
I just wanted to share this story with you...for people who need hope, as we all do..when you least expect it, the Angels will apear.

By  Maria

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