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Prostitute healed miraculously
Did you hear about the prostitute in Costa Rica who was suddenly and miraculously healed of a nasty form of breast cancer?

You see, a healing Mass was celebrated in the town square. People came from far and wide – hoping and praying for cures for their various illnesses.

Though “Eva” the prostitute (not her real name) hadn’t attended Mass for a long time, she was desperate for a cure for her external breast cancer. She decided to attend.

The Scripture reading at Mass was about the sick woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed. Upon hearing this Scripture, Eva prayed, “Lord, I am this woman. My life is one of sinning and of making others sin. I ask for your forgiveness. I might have come for selfish reasons, but here I am.”

Priests were available for confession, and so she made a good confession right then. And then she received the Eucharist.

When she received the sacred Host, she felt as if it were a flame burning her throat. The burning went right to her breast.

Alarmed, she ran home in despair. She couldn’t have been more surprised when she took off her bandage. In place of the external cancer there was a scar. In other words, she was completely healed!!!

Believe it, this prostitute’s brothel is now a house of prayer. Praise God!

By  Johnnette

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