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Abigail Hobbs was a girl of about 15 years old when she was arrested for witchcraft on April 18, 1692 along with Giles Corey, Mary Warren, and Bridget Bishop. Prior to living in Salem Village (now Danvers, Massachusetts), she and her family had lived in Casco, Maine, the frontier of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, during a time when there were many attacks by the Wabanaki Native Americans. Her step-mother, Deliverance Hobbs, and her father William Hobbs, were also both charged with witchcraft.

During her multiple examinations by local magistrates between April and June 1692, Abigail confessed and accused others of witchcraft, including John Proctor. At her trial in September, she pled guilty to both indictments against her, one for afflicting Mercy Lewis and another for covenanting with the Devil.

Hobbs was granted a reprieve by Governor William Phips in January 1693 after Chief Magistrate William Stoughton had signed the warrant for her execution

In 1710, her father, William Hobbs, petitioned the General Court to compensate him for 40 expenses that the family's imprisonment cost him, but said he was willing to accept 10, which the court did 1712.

Abigail Hobbs was among those named in the Act for Reversal of Attainder by the Massachusetts Great and General Court, October 17, 1711.

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Witchcraft is forbidden in the bible.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 16th Apr, 2009
Dear Readers,
Christian greetings.Magic,witchcraft,horoscope,mediums and palm reading is prohibited in the bible.People don't know that by indulging in such activities they are giving foothold for satan to enter in them and also in their house.And once the evil power takes hold of the person or house,the satan makes their life miserable.Poverty,sickness takes hold of that entire family.Fights and quarrels will hold them at ransom.There won't be peace in that house.How many houses are distroyed by this kind of activities people indulge in? There are ghadees everywhere in Goa.People visit them to know the reasons behind their problems,sickness and what not.And thus give foothold for the evil spirit to enter their house.Instead of going to God and God's people for the redressle of their problem they willingly but secretely visit these ghadees.They don't know the word of God(bible) nor they know the God.They are in the hands of the evil one.They praise God with their mouth but their heart is ruled by the evil one.Their destiny is no where but hell.
People should be made aware of this evil practice through social programmes Nobody or very few people read bible.And those who are well verse with the word of God keep themselves away from such evil practice.God hates witchcraft and also hates those who indulge in such activities.I hope atleast by reading in this site people will understand the evil one and make others also kown evil designs and plans of satan by reading bible.These are ending days as the bible warns and according to it's prophesy these things will grow faster as the ending days of satan are also near.As the gospel is being preached all over the world Satan has also become furious.He is hell bent on draging as many as people into his net.God's people will hear God's voice ad heed to his call.They are the one who will spend time in reading his word and apply to their life and also spend time in prayer.Thus trimming their life as per the word.They are the one who have hope and assurance from God himself that one day He will come to take them where they will spend their eternity with Him.Hallelujah.

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