Gallery of Misery!
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Gallery of Misery!

Goa Goa Gone Goan !!

 Goa, Goa, Gone Goa, Goa, Gone, Gone...

Michael Jackson Faked his Death?

Has ‘The King of Pop’ imitated ‘The King’ by faking his own death? Rehearsals ... Michael Jackson performs on stage

Abortion Clinic Owner - Family Tragedy - Plane Crash Kills 14

Is it merely coincidence that in an hour when the Spirit of Christ is testifying that His judgment is about to fall, that the owners of the largest "for-profit" abortion clinic would experience this tragedy? The steps of a man are ordered of the Lord. He is the God who has declared, "Vengeance is Mine. I

Images of the World Trade Center fire reveal the face of Satan.

Don't these photos of Satan at the world Trade Center catastrophe tell us that the current seat of Satan's power is the World Trade Center? Don't these photos depict Satan being awakend from his hiding place in the World Trade Center? For it is the intern

Writing SMS while's driving

Photographs show the results of an automobile accident caused by an 'intexticated' (Typing SMS while's driving) driver.The very real human consequences that can result from driving while 'InTEXTicated' (Typing SMS while's driving).An 18-year-old girl plowed directly into the rear of another vehicle. She

An Eye for an Eye

Ameneh Bahrami is certain that one day she'll meet someone, fall in love and get married. But when her wedding day comes, her husband won't see her eyes, and she won't see her husband. Bahrami is blind, the victim of an acid attack by a spurned suitor.

Teen girl who disobeys her parents

Jenny was so happy about the house they had found. For once in her life it was on the right side of town. She unpacked her things with such great ease. As she watched her new curtains blow in breeze. How wonderful it was to have her own room. School would be starting, she'd have friends over soon. There'd be sleep-overs