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Prayer request for health recovery

Please pray for Nayana who has kidney infection and is only working 35%. As kidney is immune to medicines she undegoing painful dialysis every alternate day. Kidney filtering is not working and doctors hope that the high keratin levels in body will reduce which will allow them to analyse reason for kidney filtering not working. Doctors hope that the keratin levels come down and kidney filtering work. Else she has to continue dialysis and maybe look for transplant.

Posted By :- Vara


could u pray for this woman to overcome additions

Posted By :- chantel hardy

Please for me and my family.

I stay in Delhi-India & have been married since last two years. I stay in a close knit family.I stay with my two young employed brothers and my parents keep visiting us. My family had always been very caring to my wife. But my wife had always insisted me to stay alone with her.Suddenly this year I had left my job and my brothers had supported me while the unemployment. My parent in laws were unhappy about it. They had always been interrupting in my married life and wanted me to stay alone with my wife which I refused to do as I was unemployed. In the meanwhile my wife went to her parent's house & had filed a court case of dowry, adultery etc against me & my family which I/family never did.
I wish my wife to get humble and accept and seek forgiveness from Jesus Christ. I request for our lord's forgiveness for all those situations where I was wrong. Our lord Jesus Christ will make things better for us one day and I wait for his judgement.
Please pray for me and my family so that our God-Jesus saves all of us from going to jail or any mishap.

Posted By :- Navneet

Please help pray for miracle

I am asking the Lord to bless our home to protect it and shield it from foreclosure and that our cars are also protected since there is not money for insurance. I am praying for a financial miracle to take care of all of our financial needs and to be able to pay for groceries and gas. Thanks be to the Lord who does perform miracles!

Posted By :- Lynn

Lord have mecy on us

Lord Jesus, please have mercy on us. I beg you to remove all obstacles that will stop the widrawall of the funds of Manong Ernesto. I pray for all the people involved in this transaction to support infavor of him. Lord, bless this funds so it will be released and used tomorrow to pay off our debts and help people in need. Please help me to renovate our house and dormitory. Guide us always and we put all our trust in You. Amen

Posted By :- joy

gift of a child

please pray that i may be blessed with the gift of a child please please i need ur prayers brother/sister in christ

Posted By :- jfc

I can't feel God

I'm a 20 year old woman. I'm trying to find my way to God to no avail. There is no will just a small wish to get to know him. I don't even go to mass. Please pray for me, I need to get myself to feel God's love.

Posted By :- Nico


Please pray for Bella Santorum, the 3 1/2 year old daughter of Rick and Karen Santorum. She has pneumonia. Precious Bella has Trisomy 18 syndrome. She is such a precious smiling little angel.

Posted By :- Maryanne

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