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Here is another question for us all to ponder:
What do you believe about this... and what has your experience been?

Here are some DIFFERENT experiences!!!

Well, there are 6.5 billion people in the world ...
In the spiritual sense, can you have two soulmates?  Probably not.
Could you meet two or more people of the opposite sex where you would click on 95% of things and most people (including potentially yourself) would think you are soulmates?  Probably.

I believe a soulmate is not necessarily a love interest. A soulmate is someone that will mirror you everything that is holding you back..a person who will bring you to your own attention so you can change your life.

A true soulmate is probably the most important person you have ever met.

I had many in my life.......latest one my friend David...he showed me that I was been as shallow as he was. YES..he woke me up..big slap in my face...when I realized, I thank him..he has no idea for what! But he has  totally  FOREVER changed me.

So my answer : YES you can have many soulmates in a lifetime.

Serial Soulmates. A big possibility is that at one point in life we will have one, and as time changes, there may be another ... the universe can be very generous with love! 

I am sure there is one.  I have a hard time believing in multiples.

Yes, I know that I have more than one soul mate. I have three.
I know my marriage partner is my soul mate. We have been together for over 30 years in this lifetime. Besides being best friends, we have a deep love for each other, we acknowledge one another's needs and desires and encourage our individual asperations.
I know my oldest friend from high school is my soul mate. She loves me and shares her self, unconditionally. I hope I do the same for her.
I know I can confide in my closest friend, a man who is not my husband. He is compassionate and caring. He listens to me without judgment and gives advice as a friend. He loves me with my flaws and wouldn't change a thing about me.
Perhaps it depends on the definition of soul mate. My definition is someone who accepts you as you are, loves you unconditionally, returns your love and kindness with as much, or more passion.
A soul mate is someone you can't imagine living without.

I have always liked the idea that soulmates could be friends of the non-romantic type. 
My best friend would qualify as that.  As a child, I had teachers that gave so much to me that they certainly hold a spiritual place in my heart. 
My very first psychiatrist was awesome too.  I really got lucky there because I was so difficult for a doctor to work with at that time.  He was wonderful, patient, kind and he gave me a lot of time and effort for which I will always be grateful. 
I struck out with family and romantic partners but I was blessed with friends.  It constantly amazes me how fortunate I have been to have some of the people I have had in my life.

Yes, I'd say we can have a number of soul-mates during our life . .. or even at the same time . . . though it may well depend on our definition!
I don't know where the phrase came from, but I go along with the notion, refering to soul-mates, that we meeting special people 'for a reason, for a season, or for life'. i.e. each soul mate comes along to help us see some new truths, to enable us to make some significant change in our life, etc. . . i.e. to help us on our soul journey.
Often our soul mate is not our lover or partner . . and even if they are, the relationship could well be challenging. Rewarding and life-changing in all the right ways, but hard work!
That's certainly what my relationship of 5 years (with 'C') has been. Now we feel we've helped each other as best we can and we need to allow each other to both be open to new soul mates and partners. We'll remain special friends, supportive and understanding . .. but no living together . . it's just too painful!
My hope now is that I'm ready not just for a soul-mate, but what I'd call a twin-flame . .. someone who's not just soul connected with me, but with whom I share practical ways and life-dreams with.

I have only been in love 2 times in my whole life, both times I thought and felt I met my soulmate and both times I was hurt, i'm not sure soulmates even exist,, but there is enough of a "maybe " there is it keeps my going, and my belief that God never intended anyone to live and die alone...

I do believe in soul mates but life has taught me that the only unconditional love comes from God and animals. I don't believe in unconditional love. We are all imperfect and the only way anyone can love unconditionally is to be perfect. I think that the closest we get to "unconditional love" is ...if you overlook my faults I will overlook yours.
I have a perfect example of soulmates. My mother and father met when they were in the seventh grade. They were two children who were first of all friends. They climbed trees and played basketball and kickball together.
Later the friendship grew and blossomed into love. They married at 18. Dad gave up a chance to play minor league baseball and never told mom. Mom she gave up a chance to go to one of the most prestigest universities in America.
She never told him and thought that he didn't know. After my father had died at the age of 49 my mother was going through his things and found an envelope stuffed full of cash with a note that read. Dear Erlene, If you are reading this, you are alone and I want you to know that I will always love you even beyond death. I want you to use this money to go back to school and finish your life knowing that I will be waiting on you in heaven. Please be happy because you know I am.
I know they were soulmates and it appears so far that even though mom has known many men she still is looking for something that is missing.
I don't know if I believe in multiple soulmates. I think you can have a lot of friends and that they all can help you on your journey in life but a true soulmate...I would say I would be happy with just one.

As a spiritual and life-path mentor, I find that there may be more than one kind / category of "soul-mate".  Because we have lost many of our ancient text and writings on subjects like this, through library and book burnings, we often must sort these questions out among our selves,  as modern human-beings.....I have talked to several people who have written books on the topic of soul mates....and in my opinion they are still a bit confused on the complexities of this phenomena as well....Is a soul-mate, a
twin-flame aspect, and a good past-life partner/experience the same...or different?  And can a relationship fall into more than one of these categories?  I read in one book that you only meet your twin-flame in your last incarnation....I have one client who has had seventeen life times with her twin-flame and they keep repeating the same Arch-type story over and over again....maybe this time they will get it right.....   I think I
have a pretty clear picture of this topic and most of its ramifications but there is more...I am sure of it.

Well my parents had faults like everyone. They had disagreements, tiffs and a few down right battles, but they knew when to say..."I'm sorry you are right" They taught me to be humble and to know it was ok to say..."opps I messed up". To forgive myself for not being perfect, it made me try even harder.
This is ok if the person you promise to love honor and cherish is of the same mind-set: If not it is hell on earth.
Oddly enough, my mom says that she knows that she knew my dad in another lifetime. This would amaze you if you knew how conservative she is. One time she told me that her and dad have never been able to grow old together. I didn't know what she meant at the time, but I think I can take a guess at it now.

In my experience, I have come to believe that at least seventy-five percent of us know when we have had a soul or past-life connection with another person...unless we are blocking that information for a spiritual reason...You normally have a deep feeling in our heart or stomach that says "I am totally knowing this person!";  very often when you
first meet them.

Most of our modern religions have forgotten or dismissed past life and soul connections, so we do not attribute these strong feelings to this most persistent soul connectedness phenomena...We simply are  not taught about it and these feelings are never or seldom validated by the world-at-large.

Sometimes a person will see scenes, snap shots,  from a past-life with their soulmate or twin dreams or in a vue moment....this type of vision often startles the person seeing the past-life scene for the first time.

Anyway, one way or another, most people know when they have a relationship with a person which transcends time and space....this is very cool...Yes?

I agree that the possibility of "soulmates" exists on many levels.

I also think is is most important to stress that if some of you have already had a soulmate relationship, or think you are with someone who may be, or you are trying to work through something with an uncooperative soulmate, that it does not mean that this is the only chance you have for love.

I want to point out, also, a very basic principle - you call soulmates into your life at various levels of readiness. This does not mean your second or third soulmate is any less important than your first... it just means soulmates come to us also to teach us and ready us...  always to swoop us into the heavens for endless, perfect love.

How do you know this is a soulmate. THERE IS A RECOGNITION. Getting ready
for love means getting to the point where you can recognize that person.

I think that each person's experience is different. I think soul mates help us to grow, and understand ourselves. So some people may need only 1 soulmate in this lifetime, while others may need more, it all depends on how each individual learns. I've been with my mate for several years but I don't know if he's my soul mate. For some reason I am unable or unwilling to recognize this.

Over the years, I have had a several spiritual mentoring clients that are/were having issues with the fact that their "soul-mate" (confirmed by their own innate heart-feelings and my prayerful-telepathic communication with Holy Spirit) does not recognize them as a soulmate or soul connection in this lifetime. 
This happens: When the soulmate is not necessarily suppose to be in your life this time around, or it is too soon, and they are waiting for a preordained time to reconnect. 
There are several other reasons for this disconnect situation but It can be very frustrating for the partner who recognizes the other as a much so that they feel hurt or abandoned by the one person who they feel they have connected with on a deeper-special level

I just want to add that someone being your "Soul-Mate" doesn't mean it's going to work out, or that it's good for you in THIS life. Sometimes, it can be someone you were deeply connected to before this life and when you meet them in this one, you feel that string tug. And sometimes you meet to work out stuff that didn't get resolved before, and sometimes, that's not easy.I say this from experience!
We are clearly defining "soul-mate" as the Love-Match meant to make our singular lives dual and more full of love and joy and completeness. I don't know if there is more than one of those in a lifetime.
I think there are many great loves, if we're lucky. But a soul-mate who's purpose is to be our other half? That seems pretty rare.
It's a sticky wicket to speculate, so I try not to! I just keep praying for the right person to come into my life and be my mate, and for that person to be the highest  expression of what the Universe thinks I need, what I want and need, and what is meant to happen.
And then I ask for the room in my life to welcome that person in, which is no mean feat- sometimes to make room, we must change or grow or give up things we never expected for bigger benefit we never could imagine. And then I ask for the strength to carry that out, and relief of my lonliness now, and of my sadness now, and to be held close enough by the Universe that there will be that relief, somehow.
I don't solve the trouble of answering how. I just pray and trust and wait.....which is sometimes easier said than done.
That's my 2cents....which might be worth just that, or more, depending on where you are. I wish everyone here peace and that they will find what their heart truly needs and seeks, which may not be what you thought it was, but is ultimately good and fufilling.

I believe that we for sure can have more than one soulmate during a lifetime. I think we can have at least two, maybe more.  I'm sure of that because i know I have at least two, and there are a few others besides those two who I have fallen in love with that I believe could also be soulmates of mine.
My question is that is there "one true love".  One soulmate that is more perfect for us than all the others.  I have trouble with this thought.  On one hand, it's nice to think that if we don't find that person, or if we do but we lose them for some reason, we can still find other true love. 
On the other hand, I find myself very jealous and...not even that, but in being in love with several people the way I have been, it's almost like my heart is torn into multiple pieces and it causes me pain...just in itself, besides the jealousy that comes from knowing those I love each have other people besides me that THEY love.
And even though I have fallen in love and I believe that some of these people have loved me, it hasn't worked out really in any case (I'm not a crazy stalker I swear, it has just been instances where mutual attraction was understood and there was somethings that happened, but no real relationships came out of it).
I thought I had found my one true love, but I lost him to circumstances beyond our control (not death-or another woman)...then I healed and now I wonder if I feel the same about him anymore.  Basically I'm questioning if he really was my soulmate.  At one point i never thought in a million years that I would ever question it.  I was dead sure about it, no question, but now I wonder if there was always something missing.

As much as I would like to have fun, and live what I've been missing, I also want to have just one special person because of all the pain i've been through, and I wonder will I find him?  or is there even a "him".  
I want someone not to make me forget the other people I've loved, I will always remember them, but I want a love powerful enough to heal all the hurt from it and take the pain away.
I wonder.well what I've discovered is the hurt is relieved somewhat when I focus on how my own soul is connected to the universe, apart from any romantic attachment.  When I remember that when I was a child, before I had met any of these people, I may have had subconscious knowledge of them in my soul already, but I really didn't conciously know that they existed...I was on my own, in love with the universe, and with my family and friends, and I was happy.
It's hard to detach sometimes from the desire to be in a relationship and not be alone, but to realize that we are not really alone even without romantic love , can be very comforting.

I think there might be more than 1 soulmate at a lifetime. Soulmates are people who come into one's life to meet their needs and help them grow.
However, there might be only one person with whom you may connect at a deeper level allowing them to share your life with. As one continues to evolve with knowledge and life experiences, they attract the right person where they are at that moment, depends on their needs and wants.
We connect to others and to our soulmates at - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. With time both grows at varying levels and at different speed. Some do stay in these relationships and others move on as they feel they are being weighed down and feeling trapped. There is nothing right or wrong. What is right for you is important in such cases.
Listening to our spirit, knowing us, our wants, our deal breakers, values, etc can help us not be harsh on ourselves of the failed relationship, but to embrace us through our pain.
If we can accept ourselves in these situations and be thankful to the experience then we can move on creating an inner space for great things to happen. Once we make this shift sooner, then one could attract another soul mate.
We are constantly judging us, and blocking us from great things happening to our lives.
The greatest gift that we can give is loving our soul, embracing it and celebrating it through all our experiences.
Yes, we can have 2 or more soulmates in our lifetime.

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