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It is my healing that happened miraculously, in 1973,that has made me come back to religious practice after 30 years of being “lukewarm”:

  “ I had a complete paralysis of my left eye; I stayed one month in hospital where doctors looked for a brain tumour (the CT scan didn’t exist), and an operation was scheduled to give me back only 3 tenth of my normal vision. But before the operation and another stay in hospital for more painful tests, I came back home to rest for 3 days.

     During these 3 days spent at home, in my bedroom that had no crucifix, and no pictures of JESUS or MARY, I prayed, my arms stretched sideways, my God whom I loved and respected since I had forbidden myself to receive holy communion because I didn’t want to go to confession; so I prayed God and said:

    “If you really are my God and if you love me, show it to me: the doctors have promised me to recover 30% of my vision after the operation of the optic nerve: but if You give me back 100% of my vision, I promise you I will go back to Church, I will go to confession and I will receive holy communion every Sunday”.

     I dared to make this ”deal” with the Lord! … The day after when I woke up, I was cured and I didn’t need any operation anymore. I kept my promise and when I was in church I had the feeling I was in Heaven!! ; After that I became catechist during 8 years. In 1978, I went to my first pilgrimage to San Damiano.

    Around 1981,God asked me to heal the sick through prayer and by the laying on of hands: since then I have been able to cure a lot of people, and some of them from very serious illnesses.

    After SIX Novenas in a row at San Damiano, it was my first trip to Dozulé where the Virgin Mary sent me.

      The WONDERS of these pilgrimages:

-The first bus: 32 people.” With you it will make 33”God said to me,”33 is Christ’s Number “; and on the way back from this pilgrimage, from Dozulé to Paris, during the whole trip, here there was a triple rainbow on the horizon! On top of that, everything could be paid to the last cent: trip, accommodation, restaurant, ALL the local shopkeepers had changed their price according to what we could spend.

-For each pilgrimage we lived “the Supernatural of Heaven”, the unending Help of the good Lord:

Each Wednesday, at my place, we are 12 to 15 to gather to pray the Rosary together. The last Wednesday of February 1989,a month before the exact date of the pilgrimage, nobody had put his name down and during the prayer of the Rosary; I talked to my Jesus in silence:

            “I have no name written down! Don’t You want Your Dozulé anymore?   

And then two INVISIBLE hands opened my chest starting from the middle; it hurt so much, and I felt my heart inflating like a sponge filling with water, then I heard Christ talking to me:

Yes  ,I want this Pilgrimage, and I am going to organise it!

    -How are You going to do it?

They are all going to hear Me the same way you are able to hear Me ,  and they will come from far away ,some from very far away; and you won’t know most of them”.

I thought that Jesus was finished so I said: ”Thy Will be done”, but the Lord added:

Go two by two to bring the Good News of Dozulé”.

The SAME NIGHT, the first people were ringing :on the following Wednesday, when it was time for the Rosary at my place, 44 people had already put their names down; and 44 others followed on the next Wednesday coming from far away, from the Hautes-Alpes, Savoie, Loire, Haute-Loire, Haute-Savoie region, from Toulouse and even from Paris.

 At the end 88 people in two buses left for Dozulé, ”two by two”, for a Pilgrimage organised by My Jesus just like He had promised me; 88, twice the number 8:this “Eighth day” the one Jesus is talking about in one of His Messages: the Day of the Reign of God on Earth, the Era of the Holy Spirit, the Era of Love that MARY Mother of God is preparing for the second Coming of Her Son. These 88 have brought to other people the very existence of Dozulé: ”SHOUT it on the roof tops”, said JESUS in Dozulé.

    In 1990,on February the 28th,NOBODY had written his name down for the Pilgrimage; on top of that I became sick with angina, I had to rest in bed, and not do anything. This is what happened:

My old Mother went for the tenth time to the letter box: she only found a little white envelope with” a Message of Our Lady of Medjugorje” that had been given to the Children of Medjugorje in1985 and that was saying something along these lines:

      “My Children, soon you will know where Evil comes from; PRAY and PERSEVERE, I am WITH you; WITH God, EVERYTHING can be achieved, even what seems impossible”.

        So I left my bed; nobody could stop me; God had just said to me:

                                         “Get up and walk!”

        JESUS had already told me:” If you sit down, they will lie down! . So, where were my pilgrims? I decide not to wait for them. I booked 3 buses, 150 rooms in the hotels and restaurants of the city of Lisieux. And God was with me: the phone didn’t stop ringing for the booking, and the cheques followed soon after.

      At the last minutes we had to find two extra buses and 100 more rooms in the hotels: everything got organised like a miracle because God was with us and we left with 5 full buses.

      For EACH Pilgrimage we can see Jesus’ mark, because there are people like St Thomas everywhere.

     In 1984, to give me solace, to comfort me, and in order for me to pass on my Faith with all the Love that God gives me for Dozulé, JESUS showed me what exactly was this Blessed and Sacred PLACE: as I was starting to take pilgrims to Dozulé, JESUS wanted to remove the slightest ”grain of doubt”:

  “I SAW, in shades going from light blue to royal blue, and shades going from cream to blazing white (like JESUS’ tunic), I SAW a HUGE light blue Cross appearing in the sky. I was kneeling on the high hill (La Haute Butte) in Dozulé, when a small luminous Cross, that stayed for only 3 seconds, forced me to look at the sky. And this is when I saw the huge light blue Cross with JESUS in front of it.

I thought:” This is JESUS with His crown but I can’t see His Crown very well”; His royal blue coat was opening on a blazing white tunic to show, on His Chest, His Sacred Heart that was blazing with blue and white rays. Then JESUS withdrew from His Cross and gave way to His Most Holy Mother: MARY was in front of the Cross, Her coat was darker than JESUS’; She was holding a big Rosary in Her Hands that opened Her Coat and let catch sight of Her white long Dress; She stayed in front of the Cross; and on the left side of my vision, from Heaven came down a City all white, with buildings with round domes, and square towers with crenels.

 This City was just there, on the left side of the Cross and of Mary who hadn’t moved.

So I exclaimed:” Here is the New Jerusalem that is coming down from Heaven”; and then everything disappeared, starting with the white City; when it reached the Cross, the gradual elimination of the vision came to a standstill to show me Christ’s Crown of Thorns. Yes indeed! JESUS was crowned and His Crown was hanging on the top of the Cross: this was the last thing I saw in Dozulé on this day.”

     Further back, I talked about my 6 Novenas of pilgrimages in San Damiano, which correspond to 54 pilgrimages. Five novenas started in 1978 to obtain the conversion of my 5 children, because I never had the joy of having any of them praying next to me; they all refuse violently to hear me talking about God.

     I offered the 6th Novena of pilgrimages to obtain from The Good Lord, the cure of my grand son, who was seriously ill after surgery in Dakar: He was saved on the very day I started this 6th Novena.

    And this is during the 9th pilgrimage of the 6th Novena that MARY, who was standing near “Her Little Garden of Paradise”, sent me on a pilgrimage to Dozulé in Honour of the Glorious Cross of Her Divine Son.

    During these 6 Novenas, during these 54 visits to the Virgin Mary, I haven’t been spared of sharp pain in my stomach similar to the pain of giving birth. It always started right at the moment when we left, and went on till the end of the Prayers; it was only on the way back that the pain would stop.54 times I have been through that, without understanding it.

    During the 5 Novenas for my children, I prayed crying for their conversion, without being answered; Then I heard MARY say to me:” You should ask for your husband’s conversion first”. So I cried out:” My husband! But Holy MARY, it is a monumental task! ; Actually it‘s impossible!” I screamed that aloud without realising that there were people around me and there were looking at me!! And Mary said to me: ”Pray and you’ll see”.

     Thirty days after, my husband was totally converted; I can honestly say; ”He was” and I wouldn’t be able to say that it was coming from him. Since then he helps me with everything: he helps me to go and visit the sick, to organise the pilgrimages, in spite of a very serious respiratory deficiency.

    As for both my daughters, one in Dakar, the other in Nice, they announced that they were going to get a divorce; the day they wrote their letters was the very first day when I went to San Damiano. So I doubled my prayers. On top of the Novenas of Pilgrimages, I went many times to San Damiano, until the day Our Lady said to me:

     “My child, you don’t know how to pray. Don’t ask the way you do. Say: ”Father thy Will be done and not mine”.

     I had cried so much, prayed so much and so badly! -That I eventually fell on the Way of the Cross during the procession, I was exhausted: but I carried on with the help of two good friends.

    One day, at home, I couldn’t carry on anymore so I said to the Lord in front the beautiful picture of Merciful Jesus:” I am exhausted, I am going to die, I quit….”Suddenly, JESUS became alive on the picture: His Holy Face, visible in 3D,was shining like silver and in my bedroom I heard in a very loud voice:” You are FREE”.

I looked at Him crying: ”No, NO! Now that I know You, I CANNOT, I do not WANT to abandon YOU!”. ”So pick up your cross, suffer and follow Me”. And from that day on, has started all this Love that is leading me faster and faster, higher and higher, to the point of feeling the Breath of The Living God through my whole being.

    During these 6 Novenas, I had the feeling that my daughters would not be able to avoid a divorce.

    But I thought that at least God would protect the two children that each of them had. I hoped that they would not suffer too much from their parents’ separation; and I was thinking: ”My God! Why am I thinking that a miracle is still possible?”

     God’s Will revealed Itself where I wasn’t expecting It.

     The third year of these Pilgrimages to San Damiano, during which I was so sick that it was only thanks to the help of God that I could stand up, SOMETHING else was happening in Heaven; and this is why we don’t know how to pray if we don’t systematically add to our prayers: “Father Thy Will be done, not mine”.

 In 1980 as I was coming in my bedroom, I heard my father’s voice (he passed away in 1956):

  “THANK YOU my dearest Child, thanks to your suffering of Love, We are free; we can now enter the Heaven of Glory; it is the communion between the Saints in Heaven and the Saints on Earth, between the Living on Earth and the Living in Heaven”.

   I was quite new in God’s way towards Jesus; and I had never heard these words anywhere before, but what stroke me the most is that my dearest father had spent 24 years in Purgatory! Before this event I wasn’t used to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, I wasn’t offering Masses for them either and God in His infinite Kindness, has used my suffering to set free my father and other Souls, because my father said to me;”WE have been set free.” How could I only imagine that he was still in Purgatory, him who was so generous and he was such a good person!

“It is true, Lord, that he didn’t want to go inside a Church but he was praying in his own way to thank you, and he did so much good during his life!

 How DEAR it is, Lord, to have a place near You. You ask me to say it for all my brothers:”Jesus loves His Church”.

  It was so good to be able to speak with dear father that I called him again; so Christ said to me in a loud voice:” Leave My Souls alone! So I said straight away: ”In this case, you come to me Lord; I NEED to hear you, Lord”. And that’s how my great story of Love with God started; since then I can hear Jesus, Mary and the Saints from Heaven talking to me.

 Now I have to give testimony through acts, and the fruits that have grown from these acts:

Here is the story of a friend of mine from Portugal, she was a widow and mother of 4 ;I hid her under the name of “Bienvenue”. (meaning Welcome)

     The testimony through Acts of” Bienvenue” for the book “Witnesses of the Cross-Message of Life”.

 God says to us: ”You have not chosen Me, it is I who has chosen you first”. And that’s how it has been with our friend” Bienvenue”; as I said she is a Portuguese lady and she used to come to my place and pray every Wednesday.

 She belongs to this group of prayer that has been running for almost 10 years, a group that is faithful and that perseveres in the fervour of the Holy Rosary. In 1986 during her first Pilgrimage to Dozulé, The Glorious Cross overcame her with joy: She said: ”I have never lived such a happiness! Jesus is here, in this Blessed and Sacred place made holy by God the Father! How can anyone resist the call of the Cross?”

 And so every year in March and in September, she came with us on Pilgrimage; attracted, amazed, she felt Christ’s call; she felt this incredible need to bring the Message of Love of the Glorious Cross to her native country, Portugal. Indeed the book written by father Manceau:” The Glorious Return of the Son of Man” had been translated in many languages but not in Portuguese.

 We all encourage her, with great insistence, to translate the book herself, in her native language; but she only has a certificate obtained in primary school that she got in her country so she put a lot of effort in it but each time the editor was contradicting her saying something like this:” It is not exactly the same meaning for this word or for this expression”.. ; It was easier for her to understand French because she had been in France for a long time.

 So she had to correct her draft in Portuguese multiple times; and finally her translation has been accepted. I had supported her to work as quickly as possible because she wasn’t well and her illness was getting worse. We could see her getting weaker and weaker but she was fighting this bad illness. And this is in the middle of great suffering that she finished her book; and soon after she went to hospital.

 She had been a widow for a very short time, the children were all alone at home; she had a girl who was 14 years old, a young man who was 20 years old and handicapped, in a wheelchair, who went to hospital with her so they would be together; and she also had two other boys who were 19 and 27.These two boys were working as bricklayers to provide for the family. During her stay in hospital they all took turns to be with her, to help her eat because she was rapidly losing her strength. His book was sent to Portugal, she didn’t see the miracle of her book but we sure did! On this 28th of March 1993,near the basin of purification in Dozulé, someone called me:” Come quickly! Come quickly! The whole city of Lisbon has come here! Then I saw two priests; one of them was holding her book high in the air. He said to me in a mixture of French, Portuguese and Spanish: ”Here is WHAT made us come here!”

 It was “Bienvenue’s book,

already published in Portugal, it came out first in Lisbon.

    One of the priest said: ”As soon as I finished reading the book, I organised a bus with all these pilgrims.”

They ALL believe in it. They are ALL here; the Glorious Cross called them.

    One of them said to me: ”Will you kiss this lady for all of us and for the two priests?”

    The Portuguese father kissed me for “Bienvenue” and on behalf of all the Portuguese pilgrims, the ones from our pilgrimage and the ones from Lisbon. Then he said:”

    I am a missionary ;I am leaving soon for Brazil with the book in order to make the Glorious Cross known over there”.

    “Bienvenue” had said to me:” We are all totally committed, to serve God in His Cross. I give my life for The Glorious Cross”; and we all made the same promise to God.

     “Bienvenue is, in Truth, Witness of The Glorious Cross, called by the Love of Christ who lives and suffers in her”.

 God is glorified in all His little ones.


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